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Recent Posts: 02.17.17 >>>


Centennial Conference Championships:

02.17.17 Swim Champs Prelims
02.17.17 Swim Champs Finals

Saturday 2/18 & Sunday 2/19 Teaser (I hope to have all edited & sorted by late in the week)

01.21.17 Swimming & Sr. Day
01.21.17 Men's Basketball
01.21.17 Women's Basketball

Franklin & Marshall:
11.18.16 Men's Basketball
11.20.16 Women's Basketball
11.20.16 Squash
11.20.16 Swimming
12.02.16 Wrestling
01.05.17 Squash
01.10.17 Women's & Men's Basketball vs. Muhlenberg
01.14.17 Indoor Track & Field
01.20.17 Swimming
01.26.17 Women's & Men's Basketball

02.04.17 Wrestling vs. Drexel & Hofstra
02.19.17 F&M Men's Lacrosse vs. Lynchburg

11.04.16 Swimming team & action
11.10.16 Winter Teams
11.22.16 Men's Basketball, Team & Action
12.11.16 Women's Basketball Team & Action
02.16.17 Spring Teams

11.12.16 Swimming
11.19.16 Wrestling @ McDaniel
11.29.16 Women's Basketball vs. Hopkins
12.01.16 Men's Basketball vs. Hopkins
01.18.17 Men's & Women's Basketball
01.26.17 Women's & Men's Basketball

11.30.16 Men's Basketball
11.30.16 Women's Basketball
01.02.17 Women's Basketball
01.11.17 Men's Basketball
01.14.17 Swimming
01.21.17 Men's Basketball @ Elizabethtown
01.21.17 Women's Basketball @ Elizabethtown
01.28.17 Track & Field

11.22.16 Basketball vs. Ursinus
12.08.16 Indoor Track & Field
01.12.17 Women's & Men's Basketball
01.21.17 Squash Dual Meet vs. Swarthmore & Vassar

11.02.16 Winter Team Photo Day

11.05.16 Swimming
12.03.16 Basketball
01.04.17 Basketball
01.24.17 Spring Team Photo Day
01.28.17 Men's Volleyball & Swimming
02.11.17 Women's Basketball - Sr. day
02.11.17 Men's Basketball - Sr. day

11.16.16 Swimming
11.19.16 Wrestling
11.20.16 Men's & Women's Basketball
01.12.17 Women's & Men's Basketball
01.13.17 Wrestling
01.14.17 Indoor Track & Field
01.18.17 Men's & Women's Basketball
02.08.17 New Locker Rooms
02.08.17 Softball Dynamic Portraits

Penn State Behrend:
09.03.16 Men's Water Polo
09.24.16 Men's Soccer
09.24.16 Women's Soccer
10.07.16 Women's Volleyball
12.10.16 Women's Basketball
12.10.16 Men's Basketball
02.10.17 AMCC Championship Swimming - Finals w/various other schools
02.11.17 AMCC Championship Swimming - Prelims
02.11.17 Men's Volleyball

02.11.17 Women's & Men's Basketball
02.11.17 AMCC Championship Swimming - end of Finals & Awards

York College:
10.22.16 Swimming
11.18.16 Men's Basketball
11.20.16 Swimming
11.27.16 Women's Basketball
12.03.16 Men's & Women's Basketball
12.03.16 Wrestling, Swimming
12.09.16 Swimming

12.14.16 Women's & Men's Basketball
12.20.16 Men's Basketball
01.04.17 Women's & Men's Basketball
01.14.17 Indoor Track & Field

01.20.17 Wrestling
02.01.17 Women's & Men's Basketball

02.11.17 Women's & Men's Basketball @ Marymount

Upcoming Coverage:
02.09.17 McDaniel Baseball Dynamic Portraits
02.17-19.17 Centennial Conference Swim Champs!
02.18.17 York Lacrosse
02.18.17 Haverford Women's Lacrosse

Past Coverage Archive:

Bryn MawrCatholic Capital Athletic conf.Centennial conf.
Elizabethtown F&MGallaudetGettysburgGoucherHaverfordLoyola
Marymount McDanielMt. St. Mary'sNCAA
Penn St. Behrend Salisbury StevensonSwarthmore
Ursinus York

A Baltimore, Maryland Photographer specializing in Commercial, Editorial, & Sports photography for  Marketing, Advertising, & Promotional use. David is a highly driven photographer well known for creating high quality work with personal service, & delivering on time & on budget.